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What is it all about?

Browser-based, 100% hosted, flexible. It can produce online and printed documentation, PDF docs, context help, policies and procedures. Get started in minutes - just sign up and get your own documentation portal!

Key Features

* Migrating existing content to a new tool takes time. ClickHelp makes this easier with Microsoft Word, HTML and CHM import. * Single-source your online documentation and the printed docs with ClickHelp. In this documentation tool, every piece of the output is configurable for every format. You can vary a lot of things when generating the final output. * In ClickHelp, from a single source, you create an online documentation portal and a number of printed documents to ship to your clients. * Context-sensitive help, or just "context help", is a type of user documentation, which is smart enough to deliver the right content at the right moment. Often, this type of documentation is embedded into the application itself, rather than being a separate artifact. * ClickHelp makes migrating your existing content from other tools easy with support for the majority of typical output formats * For the printed output, configure the document look as needed. Multiple page sizes are supported, so you can easily get multiple printed sizes from the same source project - A4, Letter, A3, and other. * It is easy use a custom cover page. * ClickHelp gives technical writers the right content management tools to help them cut the documentation development time, and increase productivity.


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