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A software source code documentation and Help authoring tool
Helps with: Help Authoring
Similar to: Author-it App ClickHelp App App Dr. Explain App More...
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Languages: C CPP Java VB.NET Java Script Other

What is it all about?

Doc-O-Matic is a software source code documentation and Help authoring tool. It takes source code and comments, adds conceptual topics and external input and produces documentation from it. With its single-source approach it generates many different kinds of output from a single documentation base. Doc-O-Matic produces HTML-based Help files from HTML Help, Help 2, Help 3 to Web Help and Windows Help. It also creates printable documentation in PDF format as well as XML output ideal for post-proce

Key Features

* Your documentation is always up-to-date. * Doc-O-Matic supports the programming languages. * Doc-O-Matic adopts to your way of documenting source code and supports XML Doc and JavaDoc. * Using Doc-O-Matic you can author both your source documentation and your application Help. * Doc-O-Matic produces highly accessible output tailored to your needs. * Doc-O-Matic comes with predefined templates for widely used documentation standards such as Visual Studio and MSDN documentation or Delphi VCL Help. * Doc-O-Matic helps you manage your source code by providing a class hierarchy visualization tool, a flexible report feature and a graphical documentation QA tool. * Doc-O-Matic produces source documentation and application Help in PDF, HTML Help, Help 2, Help 3, and Web Help/browser based HTML, Windows Help and XML. * Doc-O-Matic is a single source documentation tool. * Doc-O-Matic is a standalone Windows application with an easy-to-use user interface. * Doc-O-Matic comes with a command line compiler, Doc-O-Matic can be integrated into your automatic build process easily.


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