Cassandra Wide Column Store App


by Apache

The right choice for database scalability and high availability.
Helps with: Wide Column Store
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: CPP Java Python

What is it all about?

The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data.

Key Features

* Fault Tolerant - Data is automatically replicated to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance. Replication across multiple data centers is supported. Failed nodes can be replaced with no downtime. * Performant - Cassandra consistently outperforms popular NoSQL alternatives in benchmarks and real applications, primarily because of fundamental architectural choices. * Decentralized - There are no single points of failure. There are no network bottlenecks. Every node in the cluster is identical. * Durable - Cassandra is suitable for applications that can't afford to lose data, even when an entire data center goes down. * You're in Control - Choose between synchronous or asynchronous replication for each update. Highly available asynchronous operations are optimized with features like Hinted Handoff and Read Repair. * Elastic - Read and write throughput both increase linearly as new machines are added, with no downtime or interruption to applications. * Proven - Cassandra is in use at Constant Contact, CERN, Comcast, eBay, GitHub, GoDaddy, Hulu, Instagram, Intuit, Netflix, Reddit, The Weather Channel, and over 1500 more companies that have large, active data sets.


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