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by Jeff Nelson Cinchapi Software Collective

A database with automatic indexing, version control and ACID transacti
Helps with: NoSQL DB,Wide Column Store
Similar to: Amazon SimpleDB App IBM Informix App Flink App Cassandra App More...
Source Type: Open
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What is it all about?

ConcourseDB is a distributed self-tuning database with automatic indexing, version control and ACID transactions. ConcourseDB provides a more intuitive approach to data management that is easy to deploy, access and scale while maintaining the strong consistency of traditional database systems.

Key Features

* ACID Transactions - Concourse supports cross-record transactions that are fully ACID compliant: all operations succeed or fail together; writes are visible to all readers only after being successfully committed; serializable isolation is used to prevent dirty reads, non-repeatable reads and phantom reads; and committed transactions are immediately stored to disk so they persist in the event of power loss, crash or error * Version Control - Concourse automatically and efficiently tracks revisions to your data. * Automatic Indexing - Concourse automatically indexes everything in both logical and sorted order–using a buffered storage system to ensure that writes are fast–so you can quickly fetch and query any key at any time. * Simple Data Model - The Concourse data model is lightweight and flexible–it supports any kind of data at very large scales. * Scalability and Fault Tolerance - Concourse can be distributed across many different servers on commodity hardware to increase read and write throughput. * Graph Queries - The people, places and things in your data are all connected. So Concourse allows you to model those relationships with enforced referential integrity and also provides a built-in interface to perform analytical graph queries.


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