Backtrace Crash and Bug Reporting App


by Backtrace IO

The debugging platform that improves software quality, reliability and
Helps with: Crash and Bug Reporting
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Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

Backtrace is the first platform to combine fault aggregation, symbolic debugging and state analysis. Backtrace jumps into action when your software fails, capturing detailed dumps of failed application state, performing automated analysis on process memory and executable code and then archiving all of this in a centralized object store.

Key Features

* Error Aggregation - Backtrace automatically groups errors based on the type of error you’ve encountered. * Workflow Integrations - Backtrace integrates with your existing workflows to streamline notification, communication and collaboration when errors occur. * Automated Classification - Backtrace gives you a head start in root-cause analysis. * Powerful Debugging - Backtrace provides powerful web and terminal UIs that allow you to perform complex debugging tasks in your preferred environment. * Detailed Data Faster - Generate detailed backtraces with full stack crawling orders of magnitude faster than today’s debuggers.


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