WebPlus X8 WYSIWYG Tools App

WebPlus X8

by Serif

Everything you need to create your own website
Helps with: WYSIWYG Tools
Similar to: CKEditor App KompoZer App Adobe Dreamweaver App Amaya App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CPP Java Script Other

What is it all about?

A website design program for Microsoft Windows.

Key Features

• Software you can use without paying a subscription • Includes 64-bit version • Supports Windows 8 and Windows 7 • Supports Windows Vista and XP • Create as many websites with as many pages as you want • HTML5 output compatible with add-ons and widgets • Publish to any web space • Video tutorials • Easy to Use • Accurate WYSIWYG visual designing without using HTML • Interactive Task Monitor list that serves as project assistant • Royalty-free website templates • Mobile template designs • Startup Assistant with live news and tutorial feed • Quick Build tab; drag and drop interactive web page elements • Google Maps • Instant forms with free data processing • Easy form designer • Slider Design Studio • Drag and drop ready-made themed logos and web graphics • One-click publishing • Intelligent navbars and buttons • Site structure view • Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons • Animated banners and hover popups (aka sliders) • Blogs • Forums • Drag and drop YouTube and Vimeo videos • Move, resize, rotate objects with live design tools • Drag and drop fonts, colours and styles onto objects • Smart website layout guides • Photos and Graphics • Animated photo galleries including live streaming Flickr gallery • PhotoLab for one-click styling, adjustments and advanced fine tuning • Automatic image optimisation • Image watermarking • Image Cutout Studio to quickly remove backgrounds • Image magnifier • Hover activated Pinterest button on images • One-click adjustments for brightness and contrast • Lightboxes • Built-in drawing and logo design tools • Rollovers and popups • Text on a path (word art) • Custom navbar builder and button design studio • Automatic colour scheme designer • Advanced Capabilities • Accommodation booker and manager • Step-by-step e-commerce setup for taking card payments • Buy now, add to cart, subscribe and donate features • Sell digital downloads • Support for other e-commerce store-provided HTML • Integration with Google AdSense • Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) • Google Analytics • Google and Bing webmaster validation • Insert HTML pages and snippets • Add custom CSS and HTML attributes to objects • View HTML source for your page • Site search • Anti-spam security for forms • Mailing lists (email address submission) • Draggable floating panels • Print and other advanced action buttons


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