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A C library for embedded Linux
Helps with: C Libraries
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Languages: C

What is it all about?

uClibc is a small C standard library intended for Linux kernel-based operating systems for embedded systems and mobile devices. uClibc was created to support μClinux, a version of Linux not requiring a memory management unit and thus suited for microcontrollers (uCs; the "u" is a romanization of μ for "micro").

Key Features

* mmap64 tweaks * getconf: include a newline in error messages (glibc compat) * bfin: set an invalid insn for abort * inet: posix conformance and speed tweaks for getaddrinfo * resolv: Fix /etc/hosts for more than MAXALIASES aliases * ipc: eventually use stat64 in ftok() * wchar: Fix BOM emitting in iconv_open() atomic.h: handle new mips R10K errata * getpgrp: fix fallback handling for !__NR_getpgrp * llseek: support __NR_llseek syscall epoll.h updates * ldd.host: misc corrections


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