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Kalipso Studio Cross Platform Frameworks App

Kalipso Studio

by Kalipso

Easy And Fast Mobile Application Generator
Helps with: Cross Platform Frameworks,WYSIWYG Tools
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Languages: Java Script Other

What is it all about?

Kalipso is a fast and powerful mobile application generator for Microsoft OS (Mobile, CE, Windows 10, Win Iot) and Android.
Kalipso allows you to create your professional applications in less time and with fewer costs without the need to be an expert developer.
Simply drag and drop what you need.


Video & Images


Kalipso Studio App Screen 0 Kalipso Studio App Screen 1 Kalipso Studio App Screen 2

Key Features

* 1 license - Infinite Apps and devices: With one license you can deliver as many apps you need. * Easy to use: Just drag n Drop * Database Integration: Connect your app to any Database using ODBC or Webservices * Native Barcode and RFID: Kalipso has partnership with almost all brands of AIDC so you can deliver your app fully integrated with Barcode and RFID Readers * Supported OS: Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop, Windows 10, Android, iOS (Very Soon, late 2017)


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No Royalties - With one license you can create as many apps your need. No hidden fees. Database Connector it's free.


Monthly pricing starting at $150 for 1 Users

Yearly pricing starting at $990 for 1 Users

Lifetime pricing starting at $1990 for 1 Users


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