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E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK Graphics and Image Processing App

E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK

by EffectMatrix

Cross-platform multilayer image processing software
Helps with: Graphics and Image Processing
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Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: C CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK is a cross-platform multilayer image processing software development kit. It can process multilayer images on many different platforms. It can add frame, mask and shadow to your images, and convert text to image, and also contains basal functions to process image as gray, threshold, blur, stretch, rotate and so on. At last, it makes these images together then creates a fancy picture.

Key Features

• Cross-Platform: Linux, Win32, BeOS. The SDK based on SDL, supports any platforms that SDL supports; • Multilayer Images: Process multilayer images and make them together to create fancy pictures; • Frame: Add a frame to a image; • Text: Convert text to image, so that you can write what you want to say on your image; • Mask: Mask effect to images; • Shadow: All layers can be added shadow effect, it can show after the layer brings it or on the background; • Image Process: Basal functions to process image as gray 、threshold 、blur 、stretch 、rotate and so on. • Image Formats: Input and output image formats: emp (program files), emp (template files), bmp, jpg, gif, png, ico, tif, tga, wmf etc. Images can be compressed to file; • Undo/Redo: Unlimited undo and redo list; • Multilayer Image Display: Embedded a SDL show engine for displaying multilayer images; • Message management: Embedded a SDL message management for processing users mouse actions; • Cursor management: Embedded a SDL cursor and management; • Transparent: Transparent background and images.


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