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Continuous Delivery with Jenkins at Enterprise Scale On-Premise
Helps with: Build Automation
Similar to: AWS CodeDeploy App Microsoft SQL Server App Visual SourceSafe App Visual Basic 6.0 App More...
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What is it all about?

CloudBees, the Jenkins Enterprise company, is the continuous delivery leader. CloudBees provides solutions that enable IT organizations to respond rapidly to the software delivery needs of the business. Our offerings are powered by Jenkins CI, the world’s most popular open source continuous integration server. The CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of CD solutions for use on-premise and in the cloud that meet the unique security & scalability needs of enterprises.

Key Features

* Deliver Continuously - Match your software delivery process to the pace of your user demands with the leader in continuous delivery * Rely on Enterprise Jenkins - The CloudBees Jenkins Platform provides peace of mind with secure, stable automation enhanced for security and scalability * Go Fast and Stay in Control - CloudBees customers deliver an average of six times faster while improving software quality and availability * Trust the Jenkins Experts - CloudBees engineers and consultants are Jenkins founders and contributors dedicated to architect, build, train and support the solutions to make your team faster


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Free Trial - 14days / Subscription pricing varies based on your Jenkins configuration.


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