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TestComplete Testing Frameworks App


by Smartbear

Automated Software Testing for Desktop, Mobile, & Web Applications
Helps with: Test Automation,Testing Frameworks
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What is it all about?

TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for our Web Automation Tool, Desktop Testing Tool, and Mobile Application Automation Tool. It is a single tool for all test automations.

Key Features

* Offers numerous built-in keyword-driven testing operations that allow you to easily perform various automated software testing actions on desktop, web, or mobile applications * Captures and displays screenshots of each operation performed on the tested application, thereby providing a visual overview of the entire test flow. Most importantly, in case a test fails, these snapshots significantly reduce the debugging time required by a developer. * Includes a powerful point-and-click Automated Test Recording Engine that helps you create tests quickly and easily. * ensures you can extend TestComplete Platform’s functionality and create plugins that meet your specific needs. In addition, you can even extend TestComplete Platform using easy-to-create script extensions. * Comes with a code editor which makes it extremely easy to write, view, and manage automated test scripts. * Generates detailed logs of all actions performed during automated testing. This in turn helps testers perform deep analysis of automated test results and quickly locate and fix errors.


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