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Helps with: Bluetooth and WiFi,General Libraries,Management and Security ...
Similar to: LibLockDev App GNU-EFI App Lcdapi App Libaio App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: C Java Swift

What is it all about?

Tapkey is an open platform for mobile access—with an open API, Mobile and Lock SDK to integrate smartphone-based access into existing apps and locks.


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Key Features

SMARTPHONE KEYS They can be issued and revoked—instantly and remotely. Of course you can also restrict them time- and area-wise. NFC TRANSPONDERS Alternatively it's also possible to read NFC transponders in form of tags, cards and wristbands—directly with your mobile phone. NFC & BLUETOOTH Tapkey supports Near Field Communication and BLE for the communication between smartphone and locks. Hence Android and iPhone users don't even need internet connectivity to open locks. HIGH SECURITY In addition Tapkey is super secure with several security layers such as delegated authentication and end-to-end encryption. Our Tapkey Trust Service is operated in highly available and secure data centres.


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