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ShiVa3D Tool 1.9 Game Development App

ShiVa3D Tool 1.9

by ShiVa Technologies SAS

Cross Platform Game Development Tool
Helps with: Game Development
Similar to: Construct 2 App GameMaker Studio App Stencyl App playMaker App More...
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Languages: CPP Objective C Lua

What is it all about?

ShiVa3D is a 3D game and application development suite that comes in a n easy to use, yet very powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Consider ShiVa the glue between your creative ideas, your art, your code, and the hardware you are targeting. We have put together the following short video for you, so you can get an idea of how comfortable it is to work with our tool.

Key Features

◾ Geometry: Polygonal mesh support, including static meshes, skinned meshes with up to 4 joints per vertex Import Collada 3.x, 4.x and Autodesk DWF up to 15,000,000 triangles per frame built-in level of detail generation\terrain geometry for vast, detailed environments using geo-spatial informationdata (GeoTIFF, ASCII .xyz, NASA and IGN) and ortho-photos multi-layer real-time paint editing for geometry, material and vegetation. ◾Shaders: simple gouraud, phong and toon shaders, advanced vertex and pixel shaders fresnel, outline, SSAO, DoF, bloom, blur, sepia, monochrome and distortion effects normal, specular, parallax and noise map support on animated, dynamic or static textures real time and static shadow generation with ambient occlusion built-in material editor built-in scene ambience editor ocean shader for infinite maritime scenes. ◾Lights and Shadows: directional and omni-directional dynamic shadows, up to 32 lights per surface multiple shadows, cascaded shadow maps with pcf import light maps / vertex lighting skinned objects casting dynamic shadows built-in lightmap compiler with light attenuation functions and ambient occlusion. ◾Particles and Trails: dynamic particle system and motion trail support for explosions, splashes, fire, rain, snow, underwater air bubbles, etc. built-in particle and polytrail editor. ◾3D Special Effects: dynamically generated reflection and refraction textures water distortion effects, mirrors, heat haze fog attenuation, classic fog and height-restricted fog. ◾Coding: easy to learn Lua-based scripting language with thousands of ShiVa-specific functions and constants built-in debugger, compiler and Lua-to-C++ converter C++ plugin support to extend the engine (requires ShiVa Advanced edition). ◾Animation: hierarchical animation support for characters and creatures unlimited number of joints /4 bone influences per vertex up to 8 simultaneous animation channels per object with smooth blending ◾HUD and 2D: ShiVa includes a user interface component management system and UI builder HUD features common components like label, button, editbox, listbox, checkbox etc. transition and animation effects for components through interface actions built-in HUD editor ◾Network: ShiVa includes an embedded server for small multiplayer games up to 16 players. ◾GET and POST through XML: optional ShiVa Server license for dedicated multiplayer games with thousands of players.


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Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShiVa
YouTube Overview Video https://youtu.be/LKuqD055QFA


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