QACoverage Testing Frameworks App


by Occygen

Test Management Solution
Helps with: Testing Frameworks
Similar to: Googletest App ColdFusion Enterprise App ATF App BeanTest App More...
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Languages: C Other

What is it all about?

QACoverage is a new generation test management solution with innovative vision and workflow to manage Software Test Life Cycles more effectively and efficiently. It boosts test productivity and provides visibility to better handle and control your established QA process via comprehensive Requirements Management, Test Design, and Test Execution, Defects Management, and Metrics & Reporting modules.

Key Features

* Define, monitor, and control coverage of your test requirements * Import and export use cases, business requirements, functional specifications and other project artifacts * Add, modify, delete, duplicate, reorder and remove requirements * Incorporate static testing review process with defects identification * Create manual test cases based on different categories and test types * Import thousands of test cases from excel spreadsheets in seconds * Implement test case peer review process * Associate test data with preconditions, post conditions and individual steps for test instructions with expected results * Monitor Test Design progress and completeness of requirements traceability * Schedule and sequence your test cases execution based on start and end dates for sprints, builds, and releases by assigning to individual testers * Establish traceability and coverage for automation scripts * Map defects to failed test cases * Record individual actual results for each step within a test case * Monitor progress and identify risks to the test execution cycles and delivery dates * Control the complete workflow for various Defect Types including risks, issues, tasks and enhancements management * Generate comprehensive metrics for identified root causes and severity levels * Support various defect supportive information via attachments * Design and establish workflows for improved re-test visibility via automatic notifications * Graphical reports based on severity, priority, defect type, defect category, expected fix date and much more


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