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A Complete PDF Solution You Can Rely On
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What is it all about?

PSPDFKit is the best SDK for working with PDF files. We power successful projects for businesses across the globe.

PSPDFKit’s components are built on top of each other. Starting with the Core Viewer, as the foundation of our framework, you can add on Annotations. The Forms component is built on top of Annotations, as a specialized annotation type. Finally, the Digital Signatures component is built on and works in coordination with Forms.

Key Features

Core Viewer: As the most advanced PDF viewer on the market, the Core Viewer serves as the foundation of our frameworks. It combines exceptional performance with the ability to incorporate various multimedia content, text search, and extensive document management features. Where it makes sense, platform-specific idioms and features have been added - please refer to our documentation to see where. Annotations: Empower your users to collaborate on PDFs with our Annotations component. Whether they want to highlight text, add notes, draw, or use any of the many annotation types supported by the PDF spec, our Annotations component will give your app the tools they need. Forms: By supporting the most commonly used standard, PDF AcroForms, your users can view, fill out, and submit forms with ease. Our Forms component gives your users the ability to save a filled-out PDF form or enter information that can be accessed and submitted to your server. Digital Signatures: As an extension of Forms, with Digital Signatures a user can sign documents using a personal certificate so your app can instantly verify the identity of the user. Indexed Full-Text Search: Our text extraction engine is one of the fastest in the industry and can deal with almost any PDF document, language, and encoding type. Indexing and search work across both document content and annotations. The SQLite-based full-text search delivers near-instant results, even for thousands of documents. Don't believe us, try it for yourself.


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Speak with our PSPDFKit specialist to get a customized solution for your project: https://pspdfkit.com/sales/


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