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What is it all about?

Kochava sets the standard for excellence by focusing on white glove customer service, innovative features, and building the fastest and most reliable tech in the industry.

TechCrunch announced the Kochava acquisition of Toronto-based InferSystems and the release of the Kochava Optimization Beacon® – a quantum leap in mobile ad optimization technology.

Key Features

* Largest Network & Publisher Integration - Kochava customers enjoy over 1500 official network & publisher integrations. Simply integrate your app with Kochava and begin running media on any integrated network the same day. Read More * Dedicated Account Management - We take pride in our “white glove” approach to meeting customer needs. Your Kochava account includes a dedicated account manager with expertise in both Kochava technology and the mobile ecosystem. Your Account Manager knows your apps, goals and account history to help maximize your success. * Kochava Optimization Beacon® - The Kochava Optimization Beacon® is the next chapter in mobile measurement. With over 20,000 dynamic rules, 4 years of development, and 100,000 campaigns run, the Optimization Beacon® is your turn-key solution for campaign-level optimization. Supercharge your advertising strategy with Optimization Beacon®. * Fast & Reliable - Kochava has architected and invested in the best infrastructure to ensure that our click response times are twice as fast as the next closest competitor and that your data is always safe. Kochava guarantees 99.998% uptime. * It’s Your Datac - Your data is your data. The Kochava platform and our customers’ data are secure, independent, and siloed. Your data is never remarketed or used for retargeting. Kochava is serious about privacy and remains independent and traffic-agnostic. * One Centralized Dashboard (Best Visualization in the Industry) - Kochava not only tracks attributions, it also tracks the lifetime value of the end user, giving you a complete view of the return on your investment (ROI) of your advertising spend and becoming your trusted source for all your mobile data. * One SDK - The Kochava SDK provides out-of-the-box integration with over 1000 publishers and networks. It is the only SDK needed to manage network integrations, attribute installs, and track all post-install activities from location events to purchases. * Simple & Easy Integration - Kochava’s integration model is simple and easy. Our dedicated Account Management team is with you every step of the way to ensure the quality of each integration; providing you the assurance that your data will be delivered accurately and timely once you launch your campaigns. * Server-to-Server - When an in-app SDK just isn’t an option, Kochava provides a robust server-to-server API for unlimited attribution potential.


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Product Analysis


Kochava SDK

Kochava SDK

By Hugo Reyes | 10/9/2016 | Product Analysis |Beginners

Kochava SDK is a marketing analytics platform developed for mobiles. There are many of these around but Kochava takes a unique approach to it. By looking at all device identifiers as equal, it can match the identifiers of publishers and provide the best reporting to advertisers. It automatically uses multiple algorithms to match clicks and installs by incorporating carrier and geo location.


With the system mentioned above Kochava achieves an 85% accuracy rate to give you the best reports and the improve ROI of any existent campaign. It has its own SDK to integrate with IOS and Android and it also supports server to server integration.

Where it really excels is in network integration. It offers integration with around 2000 advertising networks and of course includes the most popular ones like Google, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. All you have to do is integrate Kochava with your app and you can run your media on any of them.

The Kochava analytics are great too because they don't only track attributions, but also the LTV (Lifetime Value) of the end user so it offers you an overall view of the ROI of your advertising. Talking about attribution it offers a configurable method so that you can optimize your campaigns at the attribution level so you can manage your balance of attributed and unattributed users. The influencing power of the impressions is tracked as well so you don’t have to rely only on the last click attribution.

Once you create an account with Kochava you will get a dedicated account manager for you. This account manager is knowledgeable in the Kochava technology and also in mobile marketing. You will always have the same account manager so, he will know your apps, your goals and your history to help you with your marketing campaigns. Their customer support is excellent and you can reach out to them through email or by contacting your account manager.

Kochava also offers what many other analytics platform do. It is real time, it offers speed and reliability, re-targeting, deferred and deep linking and cohort analysis. Their uptime is so great they are guaranteeing not just 99% uptime or 99.9%, but rather guarantee a 99.998% uptime and their response times are almost instant. With such speed you can update your marketing campaigns in real time as the daily events unfold.

Smartlink is another feature for the mobile market that enables you to send the users right where they belong depending on their platform, operating system, version of the operating system, geo location and screen size. This way you can direct your users to the right landing page for a better experience and an improved ROI. They also mine and analyze almost all data possible from your users. They use the time, geo location, clickstream, purchase history and they pair it with audience data like behavioral patterns, demographics, user profile and social media history to give you predictive responses for almost anything you need.

Eliminating fraud from your advertising campaigns can prove difficult and it is a constant headache for advertisers. With their traffic verifier, Kochava is able to spot frauds and potential frauds. Their monitoring tools identify and mitigate potential frauds. They use many advanced technologies to do so like the MTTI by analyzing the time it takes for the user to download, click, install and use the app. If this data doesn’t correspond with the historical data of the same app, the clicks will be identified as fraudulent. Of course it also identifies as fraud large click volumes coming from the same IP address. This is in order to avoid click bots and click-farms. Even if the fraudulent user is using a range of IPs it can still be caught by checking the Device ID and report large click volumes from that device as fraudulent.

TV ads have been always a challenge to marketers. Since mobile products have become more popular, advertisers have gone back to the old good TV for ads. But the conversion for these ads has always proven difficult to track. Mostly what advertisers do is to track how many installs they had in a short period after the ad was aired. This is a solution but by far, not the best one. TV ads reach many people at the same time and a good TV ad can boost your downloads and reengagement from previous users.

Kochava measures the impact of your TV ads in another way too. By checking your unattributed installs based on your history and comparing them with the data after the TV ad, they can let you know how many installs you had from that ad in a more accurate way.

Their pricing is scalable and it largely depends on your volume. The odd part of this is that they do not give a price in their website and you have to contact them which means, you guessed it, they will try to get as much as possible from your app. Good things don’t come cheap though.


  • Very reliable
  • Very good fraud protection
  • New ways to approach analytics
  • Good analysis of TV ads
  • Great uptime
  • Official partner of Facebook and Twitter among other big companies


  • Their pricing is not clear
  • Some of their tracking methods are alien for advertisers



Kochava counts among the best SDKs for mobile tracking by featuring state-of-the-art techniques to improve your ROI. Their click fraud protection is outstanding and they work with all advertising networks, giving you as many options as you need. However, the odd part of this is data interpretation. While Kochava gives their own conclusions, using different methods may lead in confusion for the advertisers. Also, their pricing scheme is not clear. While you can save a lot of money using Kochava we still don’t know if it is profitable after paying their bills, because there is no way to know until you subscribe with them and you give them all the data they need regarding your app.

By Hugo Reyes | 10/9/2016 | Product Analysis

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