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Inneractive Platform Ad Servers App

Inneractive Platform

by Inneractive

Monetize your mobile inventory
Helps with: Ad Servers
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Source Type: Closed
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Languages: CS Java

What is it all about?

Monetize your mobile inventory and keep your users happy.

Key Features

Monetization Finding your way through the mobile advertising minefield is a challenge. All sorts of things can prevent you from unlocking the true potential of your properties. The Inneractive Exchange (INNEX) is the answer – it was designed to simplify, streamline and optimize the process of selling your valuable supply to ensure that you maximize your revenue. Period. User Experience Your users should be more than satisfied – they should be happy. A combination of innovative, engaging programmatic creative solutions and flexible demand control options will see that they are. And that they keep coming back for more. Actionable Insights We understand not everyone shares our love of spreadsheets. So we go the extra mile with the reports we provide you. By separating the signals from the noise, we arrive at insights and recommendations you can use to continuously improve and refine your activity.


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