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HTML5 Image Viewer SDK Technology Toolkits and HTTP App

HTML5 Image Viewer SDK Technology

by Leadtools

Image viewing functionality for cross-platform applications
Helps with: Toolkits and HTTP
Similar to: WebRTC App WebKit App Cgic App LibCGI App More...
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Languages: Java Script Other

What is it all about?

Web developers using LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript libraries can create zero-footprint, cross-platform applications with document and medical image viewing functionality. Developers can target desktops, tablets, and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android, with a single application featuring robust image display and processing, support for mouse and multi-touch gesture input, annotation, and much more.

Key Features

* HTML5 Canvas/JavaScript Viewer Control for cross-platform image viewing on many browsers and devices * Develop for any client with LEADTOOLS zero-footprint image display libraries * Utilize mouse and multi-touch (gesture) user input * Interactive Modes include pan, scale, zoom to rectangle, center at point, magnifying glass, pinch and zoom * Drag and drop * Display thumbnail previews * Play animated GIF * Display images based on physical or logical units * Process images with built-in functions such as rotate, flip, resize/scale, fill, invert, count colors, adjust hue, saturation, lightness, brightness and contrast * Annotation and markup images in HTML5 applications * Add advanced features such as extended file format support (e.g. TIFF, PDF, DOC), OCR, and Barcode with LEADTOOLS Rest Services * Display DICOM images with Window Leveling * Leverage Intellisense, static-typing, and object oriented programming with TypeScript definition files for LEADTOOLS * Employ frameworks such as Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) * Reduce IT overhead by centralizing image viewer updates and maintenance to the servers


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