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Cross Platform Multimedia Framework
Helps with: Audio Libraries,Frameworks,Video and TV
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Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C

What is it all about?

The Fluendo SDK allows to develop cross platform multimedia playback application based on GStreamer. Our SDK includes a complete set of tools (playback, streaming, audio/video codecs, formats, interfaces) that completely hide GStreamer’s programming complexity through a clear and easy-to-use API.

Key Features

- Low complexity APIs - Cross Platform Multimedia Solution - Easy integration in any Application development - Highly reliable - Wide range of media formats - Standard playback controls - Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Internet streaming and demuxing Fluendo SDK licensing is structured around 2 types of licenses: - Development License: It allows the use of Fluendo SDK in the development stage of a multimedia application. Each developer who installs and uses our SDK requires a Development license. Fluendo also offers a "Development Team License" in case an organization requires a high number of development licenses. - Deployment License: It enables the commercialization of the Fluendo SDK intellectual property as part of the developed multimedia application. Our standard licensing model depends on the expected volume of the application deployments.


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- Development License: Each developer who uses our SDK requires a Development license.

- Deployment License: based on requested modules and multimedia formats as well as expected deployment volume.


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