DioneOS RTOS App


by elesoftrom

Preemptive Operating System designated for microcontrollers
Helps with: RTOS
Similar to: Abassi App AMX RTOS App Atomthreads App AVIX-RT App More...
Source Type: Open - Extra Fee
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: C

What is it all about?

The DioneOS is Real Time preemptive Operating System designated for microcontrollers. Currently, the system is available for: ARM Cortex-M3, Texas Instruments MSP430/MSP430X.

Key Features

* System type - multithread, preemptive * Scheduler - maximum priority, fast context switch between threads, preemption may be blocked for specific part * Synchronization objects - mutex (nesting allowed), counting semaphore (may be signalled from ISR) * Timing control - timers, timeouts in semaphore waiting function, sleep function * Communication - ring buffers, effective implementation of queue, events * State machines - finite state machines support for coding behavior, unified events defined for commutication, active state machines manager that performs control over state machines * Memory management - memory pool, effective allocator, free of fragmentation issue * Debugging support - signalling events on chip pins (useful when tracking time dependencies and real time bugs), critical exceptions for unrecoverable bugs, deleted objects marking * Configuration - Many user configurable flags that affects compiled code of the system, User assigns processor resources that are used by the operating system


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