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DELOPTs IntruLib SDK Video and TV App


by Delopt

Leading Video Analytics Solution
Helps with: Video and TV
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Languages: CPP CS VB.NET

What is it all about?

DELOPT’s IntruLib SDK offers a leading Video Analytics Solution that is technologically highly advanced, feature rich and yet cost effective.

IntruLib is a Windows based, advanced, Intelligent, highly scalable and cost effective Video Library that enables VMS Software Vendors, NVR Vendors, windows based camera vendors to quickly integrate state of the art, powerful, complex video analytics capabilities into their offerings. IntruLib is offered as an SDK with an easy-to-use interface.

Key Features

Object Tracking: * Auto tracking of Objects with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera.* * Auto track triggered by other analytic video rules or by manual selection. * Auto zoom adjustment. * Parallel tracking on multiple Cameras. People Counting: * Count people from CCTV video feeds. * Unlimited feeds scalability. Surveillance Fixed camera detection rules automate threat detection in surveillance systems: * Unlimited stream scalability. * Line Cross Detection. * Zone detection rules. * Camera tampering detection. * Crowding detection. * Independent Resolution scalability per stream. Combinations: * Run any combination of object tracking, People Counting and Surveillance streams in parallel. * Unlimited feeds scalability.


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