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Cavisson NetStorm Test Automation App

Cavisson NetStorm

by Cavisson Systems

Next Generation Capacity Analysis Appliance
Helps with: DevOp Tools,Test Automation
Similar to: Apache JMeter App Telerik Test Studio App Load Runner App Jest App More...
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Languages: C Java

What is it all about?

Cavisson NetStorm is a cost-effective, performance enhancing and easy-to-use appliance for enterprise applications. It is an extremely powerful load generator that provides an accurate estimation of Client Perceived Response Time enabling IT companies to guarantee the Service Level Agreements. Its advanced technology efficiently handles load variables, user realism, application realism and network realism. NS is a proven solution providing root cause of the issues where legacy solutions failed.

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Key Features

* Massive, internet scale load generation: Makes testing with millions of active users not only possible, but easy to manage. * Internet-TrueTM WAN simulation * Internet-TrueTM load modeling * Web user behavior simulation: Built-in mechanism to allow modeling of page reloads and click-away by users. * Client Side Testing * Performance (DOM load, on-load, page load, rendering time) * Caching metrics (browser cache, network cache) * Offenders by DNS time, Load time * Page score * Waterfall and comparison * Clips and recording of page-wise user interaction * Powerful monitoring and diagnostics Correlation: With a single click, analyze two or more members or measurements in the groups showing the tendency to vary together, contributing to the issue. The root cause can be determined by correlating spike with other metrics. * Alerts: NetStorm allows setting up of early warning mechanism in form of behavioral or capacitive alerts to find out metrics deviating from its baseline. * Runtime comparisons with baseline: NetStorm offers ability to validate new releases or fixes by performing comparisons with baseline. * Production Scenario Recreation * Reporting and Dashboard * Trend analysis * Comparison of releases * Runtime percentile distribution * Goal based scenario design * Built-in internet topographies * Advanced tools * Real browser simulation (not just User-agent string) * Support for parameterization, co-relation and content verification


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Next Generation Capacity Analysis Appliance www.cavisson.com


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