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ALM Software Bug Tracking App

ALM Software

by Hewlett Packard HP

Define, build, test, and deliver applications fast.
Helps with: Application Lifetime Management,Bug Tracking
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What is it all about?

A comprehensive application development tool which can be used by teams for quick systems development and fast tracking of bugs.

Key Features

* Support a wide variety of tools and common standards such as SSO with SiteMinder and Common Access Card (CAC), in either SaaS or on-premise delivery. * Improve efficiency, consistency, and traceability by sharing and reusing requirements and asset libraries across multiple projects. * Get the big picture and all the details with cross-project reporting and preconfigured business views that enable you to drill down into individual projects. * Make the right decisions with HP ALI providing real-time insights into who is working on what, when, where, and why. Full software development lifecycle (SDLC) traceability helps you optimize resources. * Speed setup of labs. Model-driven lab management helps eliminate configuration errors for more relevant and accurate results and improved quality in enterprise agile environments. * Define, manage and track requirements through every step of the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).


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