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ASP.NET Controls and ASP.NET MVC Extensions - UI Controls for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. WinForms Controls - UI Controls for Windows Forms. 90+ WPF Controls- UI Controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Windows 10 App Controls. Cross platform reporting and document server for the .NET Framework. HTML 5 Automated Web Test Read and Write XLS, PDF, DOC and RTF Files.


Android: Display charts with hundreds of thousands of data points with real-time motion framework animated updates. Our flexible, advanced ASP.NET controls allow you to quickly build and style superior user experiences with stability and performance. iOS: Take advantage of a powerful & familiar API when you use our iOS controls in native iOS projects built with Objective C, Xcode, and Xamarin. jQuery/HTML5: Deliver the best HTML5 applications across every browser, platform, and device with the speed and responsiveness of our jQuery controls. Silverlight: Our Silverlight controls enable you to bring modern, trend-setting applications to market while shortening development time. Xamarin.Forms: One codebase gives you three platforms. Build for iOS and Android with Infragistics Xamarin.Forms  MVC: From grids to charts, editors to trees; take advantage of all that ASP.NET MVC has to offer with rich controls from Ignite UI MVC. WPF: Master your enterprise development with speed, scalability, touch support –and the world’s fastest Data Grid – all found in our WPF controls. Windows Forms: Our suite of more than 100 Windows Forms UI controls allows you to quickly build stylable user interfaces that deliver superior user experiences. Indigo Studio: Don’t waste valuable coding time on revisions. See your application without writing a single line of code with our rapid prototyping tool.





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  • Universal Subscription $2,199.99 DXperience Subscription $1,499.99 WinForms Subscription $899.99


  • strat from 899$

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GUI components and Controls for desktop and web development

A Comparison of DevExpress and Infragistics Third Party Controls.

A Comparison of DevExpress and Infragistics Third Party Controls.

By Oreofe Jolaoso | 8/9/2016 | Product Comparisons |Beginners

Third party control vendors have seen an increased demand for high quality, functional components by developers and development teams. This is mainly due to the need for programmers to save development time, focus on their area of expertise and ultimately, increase  the efficiency and the quality of developing applications. In this article, we will be comparing the product offerings of two popular vendors, namely Infragistics and DevExpress. Our examination will include important areas like support and documentation for the products offered by these companies.

A Brief Introduction

Developer Express Inc. (DevExpress) was founded in 1998. It produces sophisticated third party components and line-of-business applications for developers across several platforms. Infragistics founded in 1989 also creates high end components for a range of developer applications across various platforms which include ASP.NET, WPF, WinForms, HTML5, Silverlight, Reporting, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The table below covers the feature sets, licensing options, available documentation, and ease of use of the products from the vendors.


Feature Set: ASP.NET Controls

Over 60 controls from data grids to navigation, reporting etc. The latest DevExpress ASP.Net controls are compatible with .NET Framework 4.0+, and VS 2010 to VS 2015  and the controls are compatible with all major browsers.

There are 60+ Asp.Net controls offered by Infragistics. The controls are compatible with all major browsers and touch friendly. The  latest version works with VS 2010 to  VS 2015

Feature Set: WInform Controls

140+ WinForms controls and libraries for layout, data editors, Windows 10UI , Utilities etc. The latest controls are compatible with .NET Framework 4.0+ and VS 2010 to VS 2015..

170+  Winform Controls compatible with NET Framework 4.0+  and VS 2010 to VS 2015  

Feature Set: MVC Controls

50+ ASP.NET MVC Extensions. The extensions  are compatible with MVC 3+, .NET Framework 4.0+  and VS 2010 to VS 2015  and compatible with all major browsers.

70+ jQuery/HTML5/ASP.NET MVC Controls. Latest version compatible with ASP.NET MVC 6, .NET Framework / ASP.NET 4.0

Feature Set: WPF Controls

90+ WPF Controls and Libraries. Works on VS 2010 to VS 2015 , compatible with .NET Framework 4.0+.

100+ WPF Controls and Libraries, Works on VS 2010 to VS 2015

Ease Of Use

DevExpress controls are  easy to set up, lightweight  and easy to use.

Easy to install and use , comes bundled with a lot of properties which might call for caution during customization to avoid  what users have described as ‘bloating’.

Documentation and Support.

DevExpress has an extensive load of documentation, examples and case studies for developers.  Response time of support persons via mail is very good.

Provides functional  live chat support and toll free phone support.

Provides Help Manuals, Developer Guides, Sample Applications, Videos, Case Studies with extensive Blogs and Forums

Infragistics is one of those companies that publishes online its service schedule giving you access to specific information about upgrades and software release dates


DXperience Suite from DevExpress which costs $1,499.99 includes desktop, Web, and reporting components.

For Individual controls

  • WinForms,$899.99
  • ASP.NET,$899.99
  • WPF,$899.99
  • DevExtreme (HTML5,Javascript)
  • $499.99

Other notes:

Multi-User discounts

  • 2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
  • 6-10 Licenses: 15% discount


If you require more than 10 licenses you will need to contact DevExpress.

DevExpress licenses its software components and development technologies on a subscription basis. Subscription is 12 month cycle.

Infragistics Ultimate Suite costs $1,995 per developer, royalty-free includes desktop, Web, mobile components.

For individual controls:

  • ASP.NET,$899
  • Windows Forms,$899
  • WPF,$899
  • IgniteUI (JavaScript/HTML5),$695

Other Notes:

  • 2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
  • 6-10 Licenses: 15% discount
  • 11+ Licenses: 15% discount ( or call for more benefits)

The license fee includes an annual subscription to the product you have purchased. It includes updates, new features and new releases, service releases and support for 1 year, and to continue receiving these benefits, you must renew your license.


Some Other Interesting Notes.

Infragistics provides users with a Math Library that allows them to carry out mathematical operations with some level of simplicity. You also have access control features which gives you a nice way of implementing user authentication using  existing social media  login credentials like Facebook, Twitter and  Gmail etc. For mobile development, Infragistics has several options geared toward specific development stacks. Also Infragistics provides Android and iOS Controls for data grids, charts etc.  

DevExpress provides an award winning mobile development suite called DevExtreme which can help you build cross platform applications  with a native look and feel for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Tizen. DevExtreme Mobile is also optimized for browser support.


Sometimes you can have some contradictions between what is indicated on a vendor’s site and what is actually in the license agreement. We always encourage end users to read the license agreement from the vendor so that you can understand the terms of engagement. Infragistics and DevExpress both provide a free thirty days trial for all products suites and components for interested users.



By Oreofe Jolaoso | 8/9/2016 | Product Comparisons

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