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Kaleb Himes
United States
Support Lead and Software Engineer - wolfSSL Inc.


Hardware and RT | Networking | Security | Dev Tools | Cryptographic | General Networking | Testing Frameworks | Serial Interfaces | USB and Firewire | Application Layer Protocols | Authorisation and Authentication | Embedded | RTOS | Integrated Development Environments | Build Automation | Static Analysis | Version Control | Bug Tracking | Text Editors | Test Automation | Debugging - General | IOT


English Proficiency: Fluent


Former Military turned Software Engineer and proud to be working with one of the best SSL/TLS teams around! wolfSSL coding and continuous integration practices help to ensure we provide the best tested, best reviewed security available on the market today for IoT and enterprise alike. wolfSSL has an amazing team of cryptographic engineers who provide excellent response times to customer inquiries, requests, and reports. A little about my companies main focus areas: wolfSSLs' focus on the embedded space allows our products to scale amazingly in backend solutions as well as fitting into the latest IoT products. Our focus on partnering with silicon vendors and supporting their hardware crypto solutions furthers our ability to reduce footprint size and run time memory while also increasing networking throughput on backend, desktop, and embedded devices!


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