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Walfrido Rodriguez
Engineer, Telecommunication Specialist


Networking | Algorithms | General Networking | Application Layer Protocols | Parallel Programming


English Proficiency: Fluent
Other Languages: Spanish


Make systematic control of budget operations and maintenance of the network of the South and telecommunication centers by the SAP System. Analyzes deviations different concepts. It makes the Monthly Report. Proposes measures for their solution. Make systematic major quality indicators Operation according to data supplied by the SIPREC system. (% Of initial reports;% of daily pending interrupts;% of repaired in the first 3 days phones,. Interruptions slopes with more than 72 hours proposes measures where there is damage. Participates in the development of budgets and systematic control for the Year of the plans at the Territorial Division and Telecommunication Centers: Waste Electrical crossings; preventive maintenance to subscriber networks, cables, lines and public telephony, preventive and corrective maintenance to indoor plant, pruning and work with others. Make month summary of quality indicators and work operation and maintenance of the network in the territory. Proposed content of the evaluation and the comments by the indications of the Division. Participate as a member of the commission monitoring, control and inspection to the network elements of telecommunication centers in the country and outside Performs a summary of the Service Orders report by the Telecommunication Centers, accurate within them relevant to new services. Involved in the preparation of the report of the Department of Network Operations to the Board of the territory and in other reports prompted by your competition. Get in the year at least one training activity. Takes part as author, co-author or collaborator in the work of the department presented to the Forum of Science and technology annually. Carries out other necessary functions related to the Support Operation in the territory or outside it. Takes part in analyzes, design and execution of the telecommunication projects of the territory.


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