XL Deploy Build Automation App

XL Deploy

by XebiaLabs

Enterprise-scale Application Release Automation for any environment
Helps with: Build Automation
Similar to: Hudson App Rational ClearCase App TeamCity App A-A-P App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: Java Python

What is it all about?

XL Deploy is the only application release automation solution that is agentless across all target platforms. Connect to Windows and Unix target systems using proven, industry-standard remote protocols; no agent installation and maintenance, no overhead on the target systems, no firewall ports to be opened, and no security reviews.

Key Features

* Model-based, highly scalable approach Changes are simple to make and propagate to all environments. No need to maintain complicated scripts or workflows for each deployment instance. * Visual status dashboards - Easily see deployment status across teams, applications and environments * Deployment analytics and reports - Capture metrics, generate reports and analyze the deployment process, so you can continuously improve. * Enterprise security and centralized audit capabilities - Get role-based access for different groups – such as development, operations, and management – to support compliance and governance requirements. With one central tool to manage all processes and automatically capture logs, audit requirements are easy to meet. * Agentless architecture - The only Application Release Automation solution that is agentless across all target platforms. Easily configure firewalls and security appliances, routers, mobile devices and all the target systems you could not normally reach without installing a proprietary agent. * Easy to adopt, easy to use - See results fast and then extend to other systems in your environment at your own pace. It’s easy to set up initially, change processes, and change deployment targets. * Reliable deployments for global enterprises - Satellite is an add-on module for XL Deploy that executes deployments at remote data centers reliably and securely, at scale. It ensures smooth and stable deployments to globally distributed environments, even in the face of unreliable network connections. * Automated Rollback - XL Deploy keeps track of all changes made to your environment, so you can automatically roll back or un-deploy at any point: just a few simple clicks to execute fully-automated recovery and rollback policies. * Jenkins plugin to automate deployments to all environments - Deploy complex releases at scale, more quickly and with fewer errors. Configure only one Jenkins plugin and get a standardized deployment process that works with all of your target platforms.


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