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Webhose.io Platform Scraping App

Webhose.io Platform

by Ran Geva and Guy Mor

Crawl, structure and unify web data, making it available for you.
Helps with: Scraping
Similar to: Web-Scraping-SDK App Apache Nutch App Event Registry news API App Screen Scraping App More...
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Languages: C CPP CS Java VB.NET Python Java Script Swift Ruby Other

What is it all about?

We provide on-demand access to web data feeds anyone can consume. Webhose.io empowers you to build, launch, and scale data-driven operations as you grow -- whether you’re an entrepreneur, a researcher, or a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company. Developers get free access to the same web data feeds that power our growing customer base of global media analytics and monitoring leaders. Every web data feed is optimized to deliver up-to-the-minute coverage of a specific content domain, such as n

Key Features

* Historical Data - Access historical data from our archive * Wide Coverage - Constantly crawling hundreds of thousands of online resources * Various Sources - Covering a wide array of forums, blog platforms and news outlets * Quick Integration - Simple and straight forward integration, so you can start working immediately * Structured Results - Structured data which you can easily index and search. * Multiple Formats - You choose the result format that fits your platform: XML, RSS, JSON – We have them all! * 80 Languages - Structured results in over 80 languages worldwide


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