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Visual Basic 6.0 Build Automation App

Visual Basic 6.0

by Microsoft

A powerful IDE which uses a simple programming language.
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What is it all about?

Visual Basic 6.0 is an Integrated Development Environment from Microsoft. It uses the Visual Basic programming language which was derived from BASIC programming language. In Visual Basic 6.0, the IDE is set to MDI (multiple-document interface) layout by default; you had the option to set it to SDI (single-document interface) layout. In Visual Basic 6.0, you can control the docking behavior for some tool windows by choosing Options from the Tools menu. In Visual Basic 2008, all windows are dockab

Key Features

* GUI Interface: - VB is a Graphical User Interface language. This means that a VB program will always show something on the screen that the user can interact with to get a job done. * Modularization: - It is considered good programming practice to modularize your programs. Small modules where it is clearly indicated what comes into the module and what goes out makes a program easy to understand. * Object Oriented: - Object Oriented Programming is a concept where the programmer thinks of the program in "objects" that interact with each other. Visual Basic forces this good programming practice. * Debugging: - Visual Basic offers two different options for code debugging:- Debugging Managed Code Runtime Debugger The Debugging Managed Code individually debugs C and C++ applications and Visual Basic Windows applications. The Runtime Debugger helps to find and fix bugs in programs at runtime. * Data Access Feature: - By using data access features, we can create databases, scalable server-side components for most databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and other enterprise-level database. * Macros IDE: - The Macros integrated development environment is similar in design and function to the Visual Studio IDE. The Macros IDE includes a code editor, tool windows, the properties windows and editors.


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