UpGuard Build Automation App


by ScriptRock

UpGuard's technology tests an organization's IT infrastructure
Helps with: Build Automation
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What is it all about?

UpGuard's proprietary technology tests an organization's IT infrastructure both internally and externally to calculate the potential risk of future intrusions or outages. Upon evaluating the ongoing configuration state of every server and network device, companies are given an easy-to-understand score called CSTAR—a single number that indicates to IT staff as well as their executives the risk level for data breaches.

Key Features

* Eliminate Outages - Prevent misconfigurations before they cause problems, allowing your team more time to focus on important tasks. * Speed Up Release Times - Seamless pre- and post-flight checks around deployments give your team the confidence to deliver software faster. * Secure Your Systems - Complete visibility into the configuration of every server, network device, and cloud app you're running. * Calculate Risk - CSTAR is a comprehensive aggregate score that determines your risk of service outages and data breaches. * Unparalleled Visibility - UpGuard provides complete visibility into the configuration of every server, network device, and cloud app you’re running. Data feeds into our platform via a lightweight agent or an agentless connection. Every aspect you wish to monitor of your configuration is documented, visualized, and stored. * Powerful Configuration Search Engine - Need to know right now where a certain setting, package, or file is located? UpGuard’s powerful search engine helps you locate every instance of any configuration item across tens of thousands of nodes in seconds. * Visual Differencing at its Core - One machine or environment works fine, but another is totally borked? Instead of poking around terminals or log files, diff the machines themselves and see what's happened in an instant. UpGuard clearly highlights what’s been added, changed, or removed from any system. * Scalable Anomaly Detection - Need to know why hundreds or thousands of machines in an environment are acting differently? Get a heatmap of all configuration anomalies in a single pane view and know your next move – what to fix, what to punt and what to ignore. * Time-lapse Collaboration View - Tired of banging down doors to find out what's going on with your infrastructure? Drift detection, anomaly reporting, and vulnerability detection are all available in a simple visual interface to break down the silos between dev, ops, and security. * One Click Policies–No Programming, No Scripting - Build infrastructure tests with hundreds of checks without writing a line of code. Continuously validate everything you need to maintain security and uptime. * Embed Security Into Your DNA - UpGuard’s rich policy engine seamlessly incorporates vulnerability testing into your workflow, from development through to production, reducing the risk of delivering unsecure business applications.


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