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Twilio SMS

by Twilio

Programmatically send, receive, & track messages worldwide
Helps with: SMS
Similar to: SMSAPI library App SMS API and SMS Short Codes App BulkSMS App Clockwork App More...
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Languages: C

What is it all about?

Build intelligent SMS logic and apps in web applications over local, toll-free, and short-code numbers globally from one API.

Key Features

* Bi-Directional Unicode - Messages are formatted to support non-English language and characters. * Message queuing - Logic to handle concurrent message requests. * SMS concatenation - Receive and send long, multi-part messages in the right order. * Global reach - One API that reaches nearly every country. * Picture messages - Send and receive pictures in the US and Canada. * Two-way API - Respond with TwiML and send with REST API. * Short Codes - 30 messages per second for time-sensitive SMS apps. * Track every message - Confirm message delivery with real-time status. * Set Maximum Price - Avoid expensive messages by creating a price limit.


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