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Testing Anywhere Test Automation App

Testing Anywhere

by Automation Anywhere Inc

Automated testing for any software, app, website, or control
Helps with: Test Automation
Similar to: Telerik Test Studio App QA Wizard Pro App Rapise App Apache JMeter App More...
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Languages: CPP Java VB.NET Perl Python Java Script Other

What is it all about?

Whether you’ve automated tests at your organization before or are ready to dive in now, there’s a way to do it faster, smarter, and more reliably. With Testing Anywhere, you get a powerful, “no-programming-required” user interface that lets you record, edit, and run test cases—no matter how complex—in record time, enabling your team to focus on more thorough testing.

Key Features

* It’s easy to use: Thanks to front-end, GUI-based automation capabilities, testers can create tests upto 70% faster with wizard-based scriptless test creation, with enough flexibility for advanced developers to adjust or implement scripting as they choose. * 5 ways to create tests: Take your pick: object-based, coordinate-based, image-based, avatar-based, or test editor. No matter which methodology you use, Testing Anywhere will work with any test case. * It’s built to make you uber-efficient: Our patented Test to EXE functionality converts automated tests into standalone EXEs with the single click of a button. Tests can then be distributed to any machine where you want them to run—regardless if the software is installed on the destination machine. * It lets you control your testing environment: With TestLab, get a quick dashboard view of all tests, users, and test performance to improve efficiency across the testing environment. * Single platform for testing: Testing Anywhere lets you create a single test that works for multiple test scenarios, including load, functional, and mobile. * It massively expedites entire test cycles: Using Object Avatar, testers can create tests on working simulations without touching the live app or website, resulting in faster delivery of quality applications. * Works with any testing methodology: Waterfall, Agile, V, Spirali or RUP/RAD * Visual logs & reporting: Automatically create visual logs of processes and generate graphical reports on test results.


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