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TestFairy SDK App and Beta Testing App

TestFairy SDK

by TestFairy

Android & iOS Mobile Beta Testing made easy
Helps with: App and Beta Testing
Similar to: TestFlight Beta Testing App Mobtest App UserTesting SDK App Lookback SDK App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Languages: Java Java Script Objective C Swift Other

What is it all about?

When testing mobile apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was done and if there was a problem, what exactly went wrong on the client side. TestFairy solves this problem by providing you a video of the exact test that was done, including CPU, Memory, GPS, Network and a lot more.

Key Features

* App Distribution * iOS Ad Hoc Certificate * iOS Enterprise Certificate * Android Apps * Video Recording * See what your users are doing and learn from their behaviour! * Logs * iOS NSLog * Android logcat * Crash Reports * Including iOS crash symbolication * Android De-Obfuscation * User feedback on shake! * Make it easy for your testers to send your feedback. * Community Pages * Let your testers download your app in one click.


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