Teensy 3.2 IOT App

Teensy 3.2

by Teensy

A complete USB-based microcontroller development system
Helps with: IOT
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Source Type: Open
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Supported OS:
Languages: C CPP

What is it all about?

Teensy 3.2 The Teensy is a complete USB-based microcontroller development system, in a very small footprint, capable of implementing many types of projects. All programming is done via the USB port. No special programmer is needed, only a standard micro USB cable and a PC or Macintosh with a USB port.

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Key Features

* Teensy 3.2 has the same size, shape & pinout; is compatible with code written for Teensy 3.0, and is well supported on the Arduino IDE using Teensyduino. Teensy 3.2 adds several new features, due to an upgraded microcontroller. Here are the highlights. * The RAM has quadrupled, from 16K to 64K. While 16K is plenty for nearly all Arduino libraries, 64K allows for more advanced applications. Icons and graphics for color displays and audio effects requiring delays, like reverb and chorus, will become possible on Teensy 3.2. Flash memory has also doubled, to 256K, and provides double the memory bandwidth. * 5 Volt Tolerance on Digital Inputs * Teensy 3.2 has a proper analog output. You can always filter PWM, but true analog output responds rapidly. The output is created by the stable reference voltage, so it's doesn't vary if your power supply voltage changes slightly. * Two Analog to Digital Converters * Controller Area Network is a communication used in automobiles. A new library to support Teensy 3.2's CAN controller is planned. * Teensy 3.2 is meant to be a drop-in replacement for Teensy 3.0. Only 1 pin has different functionality. The reset pin was replaced by A14/DAC, which you can use for true analog output, or as another analog input. * The Reset signal can be found on a new test point on the bottom side of Teensy 3.2.


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