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TechExcel DevSuite Application Lifetime Management App

TechExcel DevSuite

by TechExcel

ALM software that is pre-integrated and designed to work with the rest
Helps with: Application Lifetime Management
Similar to: IBM Rational ALM App Visual Studio Team Services App Mylyn App CA ALM App More...
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Languages: Java Python Java Script Ruby Other

What is it all about?

DevSuite is a fully integrated ALM solution that has its roots in development and QA management but has expanded to monitor and control all processes of ALM including definition, design, development, testing, and deployment. It is used not only for building high quality applications but can be adapted for any type of product development. In addition, DevSuite can be extended to support project and portoflio management of multiple development projects.

Key Features

* BI-DIRECTIONAL TRACEABILITY - Increase the overall quality of your product with full traceability from each requirement all the way to the final deliverables and system behavior. * WORKFLOW AUTOMATION & STANDARDIZATION - Streamline and automate business processes with defined workflows and rules. Improve team efficiency by enforcing standards with DevSuite. * EFFECTIVE PRODUCT PLANNING - Simplify your product planning with a centralized view for all stakeholders to see planned requirements via roadmaps and development via backlogs and storyboards. * TEST CASE MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION - Manage test cases, plan for test coverage, and control test execution with full traceability in mind. Spend more time testing and let DevSuite handle the rest. * OUT-OF-THE-BOX SOLUTION TEMPLATES - Go Live instantaneously with our best practices built in as solution templates. Sample templates include agile development, waterfall, or simple defect tracking. * PERSONALIZED USER EXPERIENCE - Customize DevSuite to suit your needs through a custom dashboard, add visual cues to list views, create and save queries for future use, and much more. * STANDARD & UNLIMITED CUSTOM REPORTS - We understand reports are important to you. With over 100 canned reports and the ability to customize any of them, DevSuite is the only reporting tool you will need. * DEVSUITE ON THE GO - Get live project updates, manage tasks, and much more directly from your favorite phone or tablet. Offline mode is also available just in case.


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