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Swrves mobile analytics Analytics App

Swrves mobile analytics

by Swrve

Analytics And Data
Helps with: Analytics
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Languages: Java Objective C

What is it all about?

At the heart of Swrve is recording - and understanding - every action your mobile users take. Swrve gives you an at-a-glance view on the health of your mobile business and your mobile customer base.

Key Features

* A full analytics solution: Swrve’s mobile analytics capabilities ensure that you’ll always have total visibility. Embedded within the rest of the Swrve platform, we offer not just the ability to track KPIs but also keep a close eye on how A/B tests, changes to user experience, in-app marketing campaigns, surveys, and push notifications are affecting the numbers that matter. * Key Metrics: Comprehensive view of all the KPIs that matter to your business, including DAU, MAU, Revenue, Conversion, ARPU, ARPPU, Engagement and Monetization. View at a glance, or drill down to compare over any specified time period, or view by user segment. * Cohort Analysis: Cohort views give you a clear indication of what’s changing over time. Not simply retention, but revenue, sessions per user and average session time, and all displayed by whatever segments are already loaded into the Swrve platform. * Funnels: Fully customizable funnels enable you to identify exactly where users have an issue in common workflows - in order to jump right in and A/B tests changes to the user experience that will make a difference. Swrve Funnels are fully customizable and report dwell time in addition to simple fall-off at each point.


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