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SuiteCRM Backup and Restore Data Hubs App

SuiteCRM Backup and Restore

by Outright Systems

SuiteCRM Backup
Helps with: Business Intelligence,Data Hubs
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What is it all about?

Outright CRM Backup and Restore product makes life easier never before!. A Painless approach to automatically build 3 times daily database backup and 1-time Instance backup. Not just building backups at your configured path, it can be uploaded to any FTP/SSH path. You can set up any time as per your choice.

Before starting office time in the morning
Lunchtime in afternoon
After office time in the evening.

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Key Features

Here are key features 1) Each Backup file is compressed. 2) ListView approach to know when they created, download link and path, restore the link. 3) Notify on each backup start/finish. 4) Each backup identified by its name, date created, it’s the size. 5) Set 3 backups each day, set their timings. 6) Choose your retention period


Resource Type


Although SuiteCRM has an in-built feature something like this but it works only for case module. https://www.outrightsystems.org/automatic-create-crm-records-email-receive/


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SuiteCRM Record Receiver can be configured to monitor group email accounts and automatically create a new case entry when it receives an email.


Lifetime pricing starting at $300 for 1 Users

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