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Stylus Studio Integrated Development Environments App

Stylus Studio

by IVI Technologies

Powerful XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE)
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments,Text Editors
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Languages: CPP

What is it all about?

An advanced XML Integrated Development Environment (XML IDE) consisting of hundreds of powerful XML tools in one all-inclusive suite, and high-performance Java & .NET components to design data integration applications.

Key Features

* Support for the Latest Hardware * 64-bit Support * New SQL Editor * New Generic Converter * Latest Saxon Release (9.7) * Windows 10 Certified * XML editor * Stylus Studio includes three general purpose XML editing views: Text View, Tree View, and Grid View, allowing working with and editing XML documents in ways to suits many user styles. A Schema tab provides a convenient way to view a document's associated content model (i.e., it's schema). If no XML content model has been defined, the "Schema" tab can be used to generate XML schema or to generate DTD. XML editing views are synchronized, and can be switched between at any time simply by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the main editing window. * Text View - The XML text editor supports syntax coloring, code sensing, schema driven autocomplete and code folding. * Tree View - Tree View incrementally loads an XML file according to the nodes users expand, and allows analyzing and editing very large XML data files. Tree View is also specialized to handle document type definition (XML DTD) and XML schema. * Grid View - The XML Grid View provides a spreadsheet-like interface enabling more productive work with relational data or any XML document with repeating data structures, addressing a need that arises often when working with raw XML data in typical XML data integration applications. * XML Schema Editor - Stylus Studio provides synchronized XML schema text editing and visual XML schema diagram views. Changes made to an XML schema in the text editor are synchronized with the Diagram View, and vice versa. The schema editor includes an integrated XML schema documentation generator, to publish XML content models in HTML format. * XSLT Visual Mapping Tool - The XSLT Mapper displays input documents on the left, and the target on the right. To map data, simply drag source nodes and drop them on the target, connecting the data sources to the desired data output. On the XSLT Source tab, the XSLT is displayed composed, based on the source-target relationship defined in the mapping operation. The code being generated is standard W3C XSLT and XPath code. * XML Pipeline Designer - Stylus Studio provides a visual designer for creating XML pipelines in terms of a series of operations, for example, converting, validating, transforming, or performing other operations on an XML document. The XML Pipeline designer can automate many common tasks including Java code generation and debugging of XML processing applications.


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