Strider Build Automation App


by Frozen Ridge

Open Source Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration platform.
Helps with: Build Automation
Similar to: Hudson App Rational ClearCase App TeamCity App A-A-P App More...
Source Type: Open
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Languages: Python Ruby Other

What is it all about?

Strider is an Open Source Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration platform. It is written in Node.JS / JavaScript and uses MongoDB as a backing store. It is published under the BSD license.Strider is extremely customizable through plugins. Strider configuration comes from environment variables. Most of the default values should work fine for running on localhost.

Key Features

* Strider is a highly extensible continuous integration and deployment server. It offers many plugins to enhance the platforms functionality. The platform itself integrates and is composed of plugins. * Integration with Services via Plugins Strider is build around a substantial Extension Loader and integrates seamless with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, GitLab, Heroku, Slack, and many more. You can connect your GitHub and Bitbucket accounts to Strider and test your hosted repositories automatically with every commit or push. Deploy your successfully tested code to Heroku and get notified in your Slack chat afterwards. * Mighty Plugins - Strider is highly customizable through plugins. They provide many features and massively extend the platform. * Strider Environments — Webapp vs. Worker: Strider separates plugins in two environments and loads them separately: webapp and worker. * Webapp Environment - The webapp is Striders UI you can visit via browser and configure the platform. Plugins expose options to manipulate via the webapp. You can define your templates, request manual configuration, serve static files, listen to global Strider events and many more. * Worker Environment - The worker code is loaded for each job running with Strider. Using the strider-simple-runner plugin your code gets tested on the same process as your webapp. Worker plugins stick to the exposed extension loader methods to plug their functionality into Strider and make it available to the platform. Worker may load plugin specific configurations from the webapp like paths to SDKs, which branches should be tested or framework versions to test against.


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