Stimulsoft Reporting App


by Stimulsoft

.NET based report generator
Helps with: JavaScript,PHP,Reporting
Similar to: Nevron Vision for SSRS App Nevron Vision for SharePoint App Telerik Reporting App JasperReports App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: CS Java VB.NET Java Script

What is it all about?

Stimulsoft Reports.Net is a .NET based report generator which helps you create flexible and feature rich reports.

Key Features

* Stimulsoft Reports.Net is delivered with source codes. * All reports are created in the report designer with handy and user-friendly interface. * You can use the report designer both at design time and runtime. * No royalties for using the report designer at runtime are required. * Using Stimulsoft Reports.Net you can create reports on the basis of various data sources. * Created reports can be used both in Windows Forms and ASP.NET. * Rendered report can be exported to: PDF, XPS, XML, HTML, Word, Excel, RTF, TXT, CSV, EMF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF etc. * Stimulsoft Reports.Net is runtime royalty-free.


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