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SplitMetrics AB Testing App


by SplitMetrics

Optimize App Pages with A/B Testing
Helps with: AB Testing
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Source Type: Closed
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Languages: C Java Objective C Swift

What is it all about?

This platform replicates app store pages so that you can test and see what’s working and what’s not. SplitMetrics is a self-service tool that provides high flexibility. Test every element you can think of: screenshots, title/name, description, video app previews, rating and reviews, in-app purchases and price. Be prepared to be surprised by the results

Key Features

* Test icons, screenshots, video preview, description, pricing, or anything else on your app page. Get data on what converts better. Optimized content brings more installs and lowers the cost of ad campaigns. * Get powerful insights into visitor behavior on your app page. * Get real data when screenshot views, “read more’s”, or video previews triggered conversion. Segment users by behavior and analyze their interaction funnel. * Use advanced segmentation features to track the difference in conversion for female and male users, different age segments, and more. See what variations worked better for different users, and refine your page design to match their preferences. * Track your app’s conversion in search results when displayed next to your rivals. Replicate app store experience with Search & Category test and analyze your competitor’s conversion rate. * Create custom images for your app store page and experiments. Easily change background color, graphics, and captions. Export new creatives in every resolution that App Store and Google Play require.


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