Sparksee Graph Databases App


by Sparsity Technologies

A scalable high-performance graph database.
Helps with: Graph Databases,NoSQL DB
Similar to: Onyx Database App Neo4j App AllegroGraph App GunDB App More...
Source Type: Closed
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Supported OS:
Languages: Java VB.NET Python Objective C Other

What is it all about?

Sparksee (formerly known as DEX), makes space and performance compatible with a small footprint and a fast analysis of large networks.

Key Features

* The graph is represented through bitmap data structures that allow high compression rates. * Node adjacencies are represented by bitmaps to minimize their footprint. * Each value in the database is represented only once, avoiding unnecessary replication. * Each of the bitmaps is partitioned into chunks that fit into disk pages to improve I/O locality. * The number of times each data page is brought to memory is minimized with advanced I/O policies. * It provides direct access to OS buffers, avoiding the decoding and encoding of other solutions using bitmaps, operations are computed with binary logic instructions that simplify the execution in pipelined processors. * The C++ core avoids overhead execution and complex memory management, as opposed to Java based engines. * High concurrency and low latency query response times secure high performance even under stress conditions. Full native indexing allows an extremely fast access to each of the graph data structures.


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