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Service Cloud Portals App

Service Cloud

by Salesforce

Help your agents deliver world-class service.
Helps with: Portals
Similar to: Oracle WebCenter Content App IBM Integration Bus App RedHat JBoss Portal App OpenText Portal App More...
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What is it all about?

A cloud-based platform that connects companies to their customers in a fast, easy, and affordable way.

Key Features

* Close cases faster. Closing cases faster keeps your customers happy and saves you money at the same time. Regardless of the size of your company, getting the right answer to the customer fast is crucial. And Service Cloud can help. * Provide smarter self-service. Give your customers the answers they need whenever they need them. Service Cloud is more than help desk software. Give them 24/7 support with great self-service features. * Personalize customer care. Every customer is a unique individual with unique needs. Tailor their service experience to case histories, personal preferences, and more to keep them happier than ever. * Deliver support everywhere. Meet customers on the channels where they live. Deliver great customer service on their channel of choice, anywhere from popular social-media hubs to text messages and more.


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Trial No Card,
75.00 USD per month (Professional)
150.00 USD per month (Enterprise)
300.00 USD per month (Unlimited)


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