RivetsJS Data Binding App


by Rivets

Data binding and templating system
Helps with: Data Binding
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: Java Script

What is it all about?

Rivets.js is a lightweight data binding and templating system that facilitates building data-driven views. It is agnostic about every aspect of a front-end MV(C|VM|P) stack, making it easy to introduce it into your current workflow or to use it as part of your own custom front-end stack comprised of other libraries.

Key Features

◾Agnostic: Rivets.js is completely agnostic about your model / controller layer and works well with existing libraries that employ an event-driven model such as Backbone.js and Stapes.js. It also ships with built-in support for plain JavaScript objects, so you can use Rivets.js right away without needing a separate model or observables library. ◾Configurable: From the event handlers to the template delimiters, the attribute prefixes to the preloading of data. It's all configurable and tunable at the application level as well as locally to individual views. ◾Binders: Describe how your underlying data is reflected in the DOM and vice-versa. All binders create a binding that is automatically updated when model data changes or when the user interacts with the DOM. ◾Components: Define reusable views, instantiable as a custom element. Each component gets its own isolated, augmentable scope. ◾Formatters: Format dates, numbers, currencies and implement logic gates and conversions. Formatters work in a similar fashion to the Unix pipeline, so you can stack as many of them together as you like ◾Adapters viaSIGHTGLASS: Teach Rivets.js how to observe and interact with different objects. Use . for plain object proterties and define a : adapter for Backbone model attributes. It's up to you. Adapters take care of observing and reading each key in a keypath.


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