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Connect the physical and the digital interactions of people
Helps with: IOT
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What is it all about?

People, places and things exist and interact in the physical world. These same people, places and things have digital representations, and these too can interact in the digital world. reelyActive connects the physical and digital interactions of people, places and things.

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Key Features

* Internet of Things - reelyActive makes it possible for everyday Things, the objects around us, to connect to the Internet using the simplest of radio devices. * Real Time Location Systems - reelyActive makes it possible to identify, locate and track Things and people at points of interest. * Wireless Sensor Networks - reelyActive makes it possible for Things and wireless sensors to communicate physical and environmental information to the Internet. * Indoor Location - reelyActive makes it possible for the location of smartphones and tablets to be accurately determined indoors by zone or point of interest via their integrated low-power radio. * Radio-sensor reels - A radio-sensor reel is an innovative architecture that combines wireless identification, location and communication. Reels automatically connect and interact with radio devices in range, seamlessly relaying information to and from the reelyActive cloud service. * Active RFID Reelceiver - Each reelceiver defines a hyperlocal point of interest, gathering wireless data from the devices present. Reelceivers are compatible with reelyActive RFID tags. * Active RFID Tag - Each tag uniquely identifies a person or a thing at a range of tens of metres. Modular design allows embedding and a variety of mounting options. * Cloud service and API - The reelyActive cloud service processes the data collected from all reels, providing the relevant information via our API.


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