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RedHat JBoss Portal

by Red Hat Inc

Your ideal lean portal choice for building high-impact, self-service a
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What is it all about?

Red Hat JBoss Portal is your ideal lean portal choice for building high-impact, self-service applications. JBoss Portal 6.1 features new developer functionality as well as mobile and social integration features. Offering a lightweight footprint, JBoss Portal provides reliability and powerful performance with a track record of near-zero downtime and maintenance. JBoss Portal is seamlessly integrated with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, giving it high-availability, clustering, cachi

Key Features

* SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION With OAuth authentiation and authorization, users may log in with their Facebook or Google credentials. Customize a user’s experience with their social media data. * MOBILE WEBSITES Design websites that automatically adapt to mobile screens or redirect to a mobile website version, based on user-agent detection. * PUBLIC NAVIGATION APIS Tailor your users' navigation experience with customized menus. * CONTEXT AND DEPENDENCY INJECTION (CDI) SUPPORT Boost productivity and flexibility with CDI support - a simplified approach to integrating various kinds of components in a loosely coupled but type safe way.


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