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RealSense SDK Speech and Voice Recognition App

RealSense SDK

by Intel

Speech recognition and more...
Helps with: Speech and Voice Recognition
Similar to: eSpeak App CMU Flite App VeriSpeak App Dragon Speech SDK App More...
Source Type: Closed
License Types:
Supported OS:
Languages: CPP CS Java Java Script

What is it all about?

Intel® RealSense™ SDK can create the next generation of natural, immersive, and intuitive software applications. It has many capabilities: facial recognition, hand gesture, background removal, depth enabled photo, scene perception, 3D Scanning and much more.

Key Features

• Immersive Collaboration - Create applications that let you meet virtually anywhere, worldwide. • Games - Bring your common senses to bear, engaging in and controlling gaming and play activities. • Natural Interaction - Put intuitive control at your customers’ fingertips. • Interactive Storytelling - Use augmented reality capabilities to bring storytelling to life. • Capture and Share - Use 3D scanning and printing capabilities to scan, modify, print, and share small objects.


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