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Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software Integrated Development Environments App

Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software

by IBM

Development of distributed applications, optimized for WebSphere and I
Helps with: Integrated Development Environments
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What is it all about?

A commercial Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE), made by IBM. It provides tools for visually designing, constructing, testing, analyzing, and deploying many types of applications including Java, Java EE, Web 2.0, hybrid mobile, Portal applications, and Web and REST services.

Key Features

* Accelerates development and maintenance of web and mobile application front ends with tools for established, as well as new and emerging programming models and technologies. * Speeds the development of back end services and applications with productivity tools supporting the latest Java, Java EE and SOA programming models. * Is optimized for IBM middleware, including the lightweight Liberty Profile, the full WebSphere Application Server profile, the IBM WebSphere Portal Server and the IBM Bluemix cloud development platform. * Includes advanced test and analysis tools to help you achieve higher initial code quality while accelerating application development, testing, deployment and management. * Provides flexible deployment options and rich integrations with Rational Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management and IBM DevOps Services solutions to help raise productivity and improve quality outcomes at both team and individual practitioner levels. * Accelerates development and maintenance of web and mobile applications * Simplifies and accelerates front-end development with the latest Web 2.0 and hybrid mobile technologies, including HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery, JSON, Cordova, and many others. * Enables rapid multiplatform back-end application and service development using Java, JEE, OSGi, SCA, Node.js, and other technologies * Includes productivity tools such as Rich Page Editor and integrated browser-based mobile device simulator. * Speeds the development of services and Java applications * Develop, test and deploy Web Services, REST, and other types of services with J2EE, Java EE, EJB, JPA, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JMS, EJB Query Language, modern Java Batch (Compute Grid), CDI, and more * Assemble and connect reusable service components with Open SCA architecture and or “service mapper” tools. * Build a modular architecture for a dynamic bundle-based system using OSGi framework. * Optimized for IBM middleware * Optimized deployment tools for Liberty and full WebSphere Application Server. * Ready for use with the IBM BlueMix cloud development environment and IBM DevOps Services * Consolidate applications and content complete with search, personalization and security capabilities using WebSphere Portal Server. Includes updated server and profiling tools for Java 7 and for multiple versions of WebSphere Application Server. * Choose from multiple, complete versions of WebSphere Application Server for your local testing use.


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