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by Rascal Micro

A small computer that you can use to monitor and control the world rem
Helps with: IOT
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Source Type: Open
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Languages: Python Java Script

What is it all about?

The Rascal is a small computer that you can use to monitor and control the world remotely. It's like the brains of an iPhone, without the corporate overlord. The Rascal is powerful enough to handle real web traffic, but you don't have to be a professional electrical engineer to use one. The Rascal has its own web-based editor on board, it works with most Arduino shields, and you can program it in Python.

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Key Features

* The Rascal has the standard headers used by the Arduino family of microcontrollers. * Web-based editor - Because the Rascal is a web server, it hosts its own editor. You can edit files directly on the Rascal from your web browser; no connection to the larger Internet is necessary. The Rascal comes with a pile of liberally-licensed demo pages that you can copy and tweak as much as you like. * If you're the type who lives at the command line, you can always SSH into the Rascal-- you'll find that the Rascal has a heavy-duty suite of command line tools. * At its heart, the Rascal is a web server. You can make web pages with buttons that trigger the hardware you plug in; you can also read data from sensors and graph the results in a web page.


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