Rapise Test Automation App


by Inflectra

Automated Software Testing Tool
Helps with: Test Automation
Similar to: Telerik Test Studio App QA Wizard Pro App Apache JMeter App Gauge App More...
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Languages: Java Java Script Other

What is it all about?

Rapise® provides powerful and easy to use automated testing. When you need to test web, mobile or desktop applications or test your APIs and web services, Rapise makes it easy. Ideal for today’s agile software projects. Rapise is accelerates your manual and automated testing – for all types of applications. With powerful exploratory, cross-browser and data-driven testing. Rapise is fully extensible, with third-party library support.

Key Features

* Web, Mobile & Desktop Testing in One Tool - Rapise comes out of the box with support for testing Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications. It allows the same test scripts to be executed in multiple browsers unchanged and supports most GUI frameworks. * Learn and Go Testing™ - Rapise's Learn and Go testing is much more efficient than traditional record & playback. Objects are edited during the learning process instead of at the end. Significantly reduces testing time and gets your application to market faster. * Extensible Platform for Test Automation - Rapise's open architecture provides unlimited flexibility to extend the system to meet the unique testing needs of your software applications


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